School PTAs

Barn Dances for PTA's have long been a popular fund raising idea. Recenlty Line Dancing has challenged them and are now also being held.

If your committee has not tried this form of fundraising why not dip your metaphoriacal toe in the water by trying either a Barn Dance or Line Dance with recoreded music. For £300.00 you can see what the response is without two much financial input if things do not work out. If they do and people are clamouring for the next one then get a band.

To add that extra value to the ticket price of your barn dance why not put on a 'Ploughmans Supper'. For a little over 50p per head you can add value of £2.50 to your ticket price.

To discuss how to make your barn dance or line dance go with a bang and to decorate the hall on a shoe string call our help line on 020 8668 5714