Irish Events

We provide Irish Ceilidh (kaylee) Bands for all types of functions mainly Weddings, P.T.A.'s, Anniversaries, Fund Raising Events etc.

Irish Ceilidhs

Unlike the Scottish Ceilidhs there are not many people who will know Irish Dances. The three that come to mind are The Bridge of Athlone, The Waves of Tory and The Siege of Ennis. Apart from these the rest of the evening would be taken up with other fun dances of no particular ethnic origin but done to Irish Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes and Polkas. The band would also be able to play a Waltz and may be a slow Air. The band would usually be Fiddle led and have a Whistle, Bhodran (boran) which is a Hand Held Drum played with a stick and a Tenor Banjo. Some bands also have Accordian and Bass Guitar. All these types of bands come with an experienced Caller who will encourage the guests to get up on the floor, will quickly walk through the dance before the music starts and then call reminds over the top of the music.

Irish Ceilidhs are suitable for all ages...

This sort of Dancing is suitable for most ages. Children especially love the rhythm and are usually first on to the floor. Older people i.e. 70+ will want to pace themselves, as this is quite energetic stuff. Since River Dance came into popularity, interest in Irish Dancing has really taken off and when the band plays without the caller it is not unusual for a number of guests to do their own thing to steps they learned in Irish Dancing Classes. At a proper Ceilidh it is not unusual for them to dance together to dances learned as they were growing up. The Irish teach what is called 'set' dancing in their schools but this is too complicated for novices to be taught in a short space of time.

We often get calls from potential clients who want music like The Corrs, The Dubliners, The Chieftans, The Pogues etc. or singers like Daniel O' Donnel, Mick Flavin, Philomena Begley etc.

The Corrs play a highly stylised type of Irish Music and we can usually find someone similar but prices would tend to be on the high-side.

The Dubliners, Chieftans and Pogues play Irish Folk Songs, with the odd instrumental and there are quite a few Bands that do this. It has gained more popularity since the film Titanic with the very exciting band playing in the hold on that movie.

On the Irish Country Scene there are a number of Bands around that play American Country Music Covers and Irish Country and again the odd instrumentals Jigs and Reels prices tend to be around the £500.00 mark.

When dealing with requests for bands for St Patricks Night, (17th March) we have to be very sure that the potential client imparts to us exactly what they expect. Do they want a listening band or a participation band with a caller and of course what is the budget.

The Agency are specialists in Irish Flavour Events and we hope that what we have written shows that we know what we are talking about. If you want to theme your event our sister company 'Perfect Day Theme Events' can help decorate your room and provide Games and Irish Dancers etc. for your cabaret spot again call for further information and prices.