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Barn Dance and Ceildhs at the Barn Dance and Line Dance Agency

There's nothing like real music and a lively atmosphere to get things going with a swing and, with an experienced 'caller' to lead the way with their musicians, even the shyest of people will be encouraged to join in and have fun. Read More...

We will supply a Band in your area:

The Barn Dance and Line Dance Agency is the largest Barn Dance and Line Dance Agency in England and Wales. We will supply you a Barn Dance Band near to your area. We can help you save on costs and organise an inexpensive, fun, themed party. Our prices are all inclusive and there are no additional surcharges such as travel expenses or other hidden costs. Read More..."

Prices & Booking:

Caller w/ Recorded Music £300
2 Musicians with Caller £450
3 Piece Band with Caller £550

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