Why use an Agency-Why not book a band and caller direct?

This is a question that I am sure crosses many peoples minds. Obviously you pay a little more to go through an agency as you do in all walks of life i.e Travel Agency.

The Barn & Line Dance Agency have been in business since 1985 and have access to more than 400 both Barn & Line dance bands and callers across England & Wales. Our prices are all inclusive no travel expenses or VAT to worry about and we always source within a 30 mile radius of you venue so not much chance of the band getting lost.

If a band is unable to fulfil their obligations we guarantee to find a replacement so you will not be left wondering if the band is going to turn up. Quite a piece of mind for a small extra amount.

We usually post out or e-mail a confirmation within 7 working days of the booking and follow this up with a phone call a few days before the event to make sure that you know that we haven't forgotten were supposed to be there and to check on final timings and to let you what time the band will be arriving. So for that little extra you know that you will not be left with a roomful of people and no entertainment.

Using an agency makes sense and we are the Barn Dance & Line Dance specialists we don't do anything else.