About Barn Dance and Line Dance Agency Ltd

We have over 10 years experience, and with over 900 bands to choose from, booking with us means you can he sure that the 'Caller' and your band will know exactly what to do, walking your guests through each dance first. They can sense the mood of your party and respond accordingly with first, slow or amusing barn dances at the drop of a hat. Because Barn Dances are easy to learn and fun to enjoy, it's the ideal answer to so many different occasions! For strangers and families, grannies and grandchildren, whether for a birthday, wedding or charity event, you'll find that a Barn Dance fits the bill better than any other entertainment - it's the perfect answer to the perfect party!

Most people who throw a party spend the whole time worrying about things, instead of relaxing and enjoying themselves. But that doesn't happen when you have a Barn Dance Party, because your 'Caller'. Who is your Master of Ceremonies, will manage the whole evening for you while you spend time with your guests. Just give the Caller an idea of announcements for you when the party is in full swing. Once you've decided that a Barn Dance is the perfect event for your party, you need only do one more thing.

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