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Barn Dance Band the largest Barn Dance Band Agency in the UK
There's nothing like real music from a barn dance band and a lively atmosphere to get things going with a swing! With an experienced barn dance 'caller' to lead the way with their musicians, even the shyest of people will be encouraged to join in and have fun during a barn dance!

Barn dancing is a great form of entertainment and appropriate for everyone at any age! Line dance instructors are specially trained to make sure the barn dance experience is fun for everyone!
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The Largest barn dance band agency in the UK with 25 years experience. Over 700 bands to help you organise an inexpensive and fun barn dance themed perfect party.
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The Barn Dance Band and Line Dance Agency is the largest Barn Dance and Line Dance Agency in England and Wales. We will supply you a Barn Dance Band near to your area.

We can help you save on costs and organise an inexpensive, fun, barn dance themed party. Our prices are all inclusive and there are no additional surcharges such as travel expenses or other hidden costs for our Barn Dance band.

Barn Dance
Barn Dancing is always done with a partner. It is all the yee-ha's and the do-si-do's. It can be danced in long sets (partners face each other in a line) A Square (one couple facing each side of the room) or a Circle. The dances are from English, Irish, Scottish and American barn dance sources.

A barn dance is a social gathering that brings people together for fun! A form of country dancing, most of the time it actually takes places in any space (such as homes, posh hotels etc.) and occasionally in a barn. A barn dance caller helps people with the steps by giving instructions, while a barn dance band plays the appropriate music.  Barn dancing is great for people of all ages – while not as formal as ballroom dancing, it relies on a partner and easy to do and most importantly it is fun for everyone!